Poonam Pandey Twitter Showoff

Poonam Pandey is the emerging supermodel She has most hits over the internet. Poonam Pandey has been into media ince World Cup 2011 as she Proposed to strip off on winning of Indian Cricket Team..Later The Bharatiya Janata Party Women’s Wing also filed a police case on Poonam Pandey over her contravercial statement. She was crowned as a top model in an indian fashion event. She also was selected by the popular Kingfisher calender. Poonam Pandey again made into publicity by her semi nude poses. She is now a big name between youth and glamour world.

A video also leaked made her gain popularity. She is quoted in an IANS interview stating that the stripping comment worked for her and helped her in getting famous.Recently, she announced the launch of her own website with a claim that people from all over the world could see her live 24×7. She claims to have this kind of website as one of a kind in India.


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