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Selena Gomez confirmed she is  starring in the edgy new film, ‘Spring Breakers’ , alongside Emma Roberts, James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens

Selena Gomez may be ice skating in Utah with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, right now, but after the new year begins, the 19-year-old starlet is going to put the petal to the medal and break out of her Disney shell with her new movie, Spring Breakers.

Selena, and presumably Emma and Vanessa, will play three friends who rob a restaurant to finance their spring break trip (Spring Break, WOOOO!). When they end up in a jail, a drug and arms dealer bails them out and puts them to work. Definitely sounds more adult than Monte Carlo, which had a decidedly Disney like plot. This time, we doubt there will be much crossover between her Wizards of Waverly Place fans and the people who would come out for Spring Breakers.

“I’m really, really excited about it,” Selena recently told MTV News. “It’s a different character than I have ever played before. It’s a different kind of vibe I think than people are used to seeing me in. What you’re going to see is more raw, I think. It’s going to be raw and more about acting.”

Written by Harmony Korine, the film is about four college girls who rob a restaurant in order to get money for their trip to the beach with “a rapping drug and arms dealer who bails them out of jail and entices them to kill his arch-rival,” who would be played by James Franco.

If all goes as planned, Emma Roberts, 20, will reportedly play a southern girl who “feeds off danger,” and Selena will be a religious girl who “isn’t a thrill-seeker like the rest of the group.” Vanessa Hudgens is also attached to the project, which is set to begin filming the beginning of 2012.